The Beacon Jar Podcast

The Beacon Jar is a supernatural horror/thriller anthology podcast written and produced by Doryen Chin.


Doryen Chin is a screenwriter and filmmaker living in Los Angeles, CA. 

In 2018, she completed her studies at the Scottsdale School of Film+Theatre. In 2017 she won Outstanding Screenwriter at the Scottsdale Short Film Festival. Since 2014, she has written and directed several short films including Dead Lift*, Call Me Willa, and Intruder.

She created The Beacon Jar as a means of writing and publishing stories that could be enjoyed by all, not only by those whom have the patience and skill to decipher a screenplay. 

Doryen can be reached by email at doryenchin (at) gmail (dot) com

A selfie of Doryen Chin, a mixed-race Asian-American woman taken indoors at night. She has shoulder length dark hair, parted on the side, dark rectangular glasses, and wears dark red lipstick, and gazes at the viewer with a slight smile.

Doryen lives in Los Angeles with her wife Marissa and cat Doodle.

*Dead Lift was written by Doryen Chin and directed by Sheila Patterson.

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